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13 Reasons to Read and Share “Confronting Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer”

February 9, 2012

As many of you know, this week marked the official release of our book Confronting Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer by Johns Hopkins University Press. Dr. Rebecca Sutphen, Kathy Steligo and I collaborated over two years to create the very best comprehensive single resource for the high-risk community. In keeping with our theme of “13” this year (FORCE celebrated its 13th birthday on New Years Day), here are 13 reasons to read and share the book (we’re sure you’ll think of many more):

  1. Clear explanations of cancer, genetics, and risk make the science understandable and accessible.
  2. Discussion of every aspect of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer offers information for everyone who carries hereditary cancer in their family.
  3. In-depth special sections address issues and concerns for survivors, previvors, young women, and men with mutations
  4. FORCE Perspectives offer collective insights gathered from 13 years of serving the hereditary cancer community.
  5. Expert commentary from members of FORCE’s Medical Advisory Board and other highly-regarded specialists in the field of genetics and cancer.
  6. Poignant personal stories of people just like you who have faced hereditary cancer.
  7. Tips and information for navigating insurance issues.
  8. Helpful hints for sharing health information with others, making decisions about cancer risk management, discussing risk with children, and maintaining your emotional health.
  9. The newest research results and recommendations about the effects of environmental and lifestyle factors on hereditary cancer risk, including nutrition, supplements, exercise, integrative medicine, hormones, pregnancy, and breastfeeding.
  10. Summaries of each chapter’s most important points.
  11. Additional resources specific to each chapter’s topic.
  12. Sharing the book with friends and family will help them better understand the issues that you face, their own risk for cancer, and management options.
  13. Sharing the book with your health care providers will make them aware of this comprehensive and informative patient-empowering resource.

You can order the book through Johns Hopkins University Press, through Amazon (where it is also available in a kindle version) and Barnes and Noble (where it is  available in print and nook version). And as we say in our book, “Be informed. Be empowered. Be well.”


  1. Anonymous says:

    HI Sue

    Really looking forward to reading it. I had pre-ordered a copy on Amazon UK and yesterday had an email saying “Our supplier has notified us that there is a delay obtaining stock” and “We are awaiting a revised estimate from our supplier, and will email you as soon as we receive this information”.

    Just thought you might like to know…

    Best wishes

  2. Gail says:

    Ordered three copies. One for my sister, one for my daughter, and one to keep as a spare. They arrived from Amazon on time. I’m looking forward to reading it soon.

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