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Fighting hereditary breast and ovarian cancer
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FORCE Programs

FORCE meets the information and resource needs of our community through our many programs. Click on the name below to learn more about the type of information or resources provided and how to access each program.

Local Outreach  

Local Outreach

In regions of the U.S., FORCE has outreach groups that meet to offer peer support and share resources. Our outreach coordinators are trained advocates who act as a regional point-of-contact for members of our community.



Be Empowered Webinars

Our webinar program offers on-line seminars for people affected by hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.  We feature presentations by experts on topics of importance to our community.



Free Brochure Distribution

FORCE has brochures about hereditary breast and ovarian cancer and about our organization. You can view or order copies of any of our brochures.


Toll-free Helpline  

Toll-free Helpline

Calls to our toll-free helpline are answered by trained volunteers who can discuss issues with callers, offer referrals to resources, or match callers with another peer counselor with similar experiences. Our "Ask a Genetic Counselor" line allows callers to ask general questions about genetics which will be answered by a board-certified genetic counselor.


Post-Mastectomy Photo Gallery  

Post Mastectomy Photo Gallery

Our post-mastectomy photo gallery has images of women after mastectomy and reconstruction. These photos were submitted by our members to help other women who need to make decisions about mastectomy and reconstruction. Our photos show all options after mastectomy including photos of all types of reconstruction as well as photos of no reconstruction on REAL women.


International Support  

International Support

We are growing our outreach program and identifying and working with not for profit partners to extend our support, advocacy and awareness efforts internationally.


Passing of the Torch  

Passing of the Torch

Passing of the Torch is an event that highlights the hereditary link between breast and ovarian cancer, honors cancer survivors and those at high risk, remembers those whose lives have been lost to cancer, and recognizes families that have been affected by cancer.



FORCE Annual Conference  

Joining FORCEs Conference

The Joining FORCEs conference is an annual forum on hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. We welcome anyone concerned about hereditary cancer: cancer survivors, high-risk individuals, those with a BRCA mutation or family history of cancer, and health care providers who treat high-risk patients.


FORCE Newsletter  

Joining FORCEs Newsletter

Joining FORCEs is our print newsletter with news, views and supportive information for individuals and families concerned about hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.



SPOKES Partner Program

Working together collaboratively and reciprocally with partner organizations makes us stronger and helps us more effectively fulfill our mission. We created the SPOKES partner program to help bring together nonprofit groups in the breast and ovarian cancer community and to strengthen the ties between us.



FORCE Research Advocate Training (FRAT) Program

The FRAT Program is an educational course aimed at laying the foundation for consumers to become engaged in research advocacy on behalf of the hereditary breast and ovarian cancer community. The program consists of an expert-led webinar series, supplemental learning, resources and more.

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