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Teri WoodhullTeri Woodhull

Teri Woodhull comes from a family with a long history of early-onset breast cancer; including her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. She had a prophylactic mastectomy prior to the identification of the BRCA gene mutations in 1994. She was not tested for a BRCA mutation because she and her doctors did not fully understand that if she carried a breast cancer gene mutation she may also have a significantly higher risk of developing other cancers.  In 2010 she was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer at the age of 47 – at which time she learned that she did indeed have a BRCA1 inherited gene mutation.  Her passion for patient advocacy stems her desire to help prevent someone else from suffering the consequences of this kind of “missed” information and her sense of urgency to more rapidly advance scientific discoveries in inherited cancer syndromes.

After her cancer diagnosis, she began volunteering with two leading advocacy organizations: FORCE-Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered (FORCE) and the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance (MOCA). Her volunteer roles with these organizations have included serving as a support group leader, peer navigator, community liaison, media spokesperson, legislative patient testifier and fundraiser. She is also a founding member of an ovarian cancer survivor group called Chemo Chicks and a hereditary cancer coalition effort called “SuperYou”. The coalition comprised of FORCE, MOCA, the Minnesota Department of Health, Susan G Komen of Minnesota and the Minnesota Genetic Counselors Association works on improving the rate of genetic counseling for hereditary cancers in Minnesota.

Teri has a Master’s degree in behavioral psychology and an undergraduate minor in Computer Science. She has worked in healthcare and healthcare technology companies for more than 28 years and held several executive leadership roles. Since her 2015 cancer recurrence Teri has focused on patient advocacy efforts - particularly in cancer research and research advocacy. Her personal cancer journey in combination with her professional training and skills enable Teri to bring a valuable perspective to Cancer Advocacy and Research Advocacy.