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Judy E. Garber, MD is the director of the Cancer Genetics and Prevention Disease Center at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and an Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.  Dr. Garber founded the Friends of Dana-Farber Cancer Risk and Prevention Clinic, one of the first devoted to the identification and management of individuals at highest cancer risk.  The program formed the basis for the new disease center, and is a major referral center for clinical care and research in inherited cancer risk, clinical trials of cancer preventive interventions and cancer genetic counseling models. To foster the incorporation of cancer genetics into clinical practice, Dr. Garber has played a major role in the development of national guidelines in genetics (American College of Medical Genetics) and medical oncology (American Society of Clinical Oncology and National Comprehensive Cancer Network.)  Her research activities have been continuously funded by NIH and private foundations and include the study of breast cancer risk assessment and communication, cancer genetics more broadly, and pharmacogenetics.  She is also a leader in research into the characteristics and treatment of triple negative or basal-like breast cancer, the most common form in women with BRCA1 mutations.  Her translational research focuses on the evaluation of novel agents targeting DNA repair defects in breast cancer, including PARP inhibitors for treatment and prevention of breast cancer and other BRCA-associated cancers. 

Dr. Garber is currently president-elect of American Association for Cancer Research, the largest organization of cancer researchers in the world.  She is a member of the NCI Board of Scientific Counselors and chairs the External Advisory Board of the SPORE in Breast Cancer at MD Anderson Cancer Center.  She serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and is a member or chair of the Data Safety Monitoring Committees of several international breast cancer clinical trials.  Locally, she co-chairs a Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center Institutional Review Board panel D, and is a member of the Personalized Cancer Medicine Partnership Steering Committee and Executive Committee for Clinical Research.   

Dr. Garber received her BA from the University of Virginia, and her MD and MPH from Yale University School of Medicine.