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Elaine KennedyElaine Kennedy

Elaine Kennedy was 31, recently married and a Marketing Director at a growing software company in the Washington, DC area when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000.  After hearing the news, Elaine’s older sister decided to get checked and was also diagnosed with breast cancer 3 months later.  Their dual diagnoses prompted genetic testing which was still fairly new at the time.  With confirmed BRCA1 mutations, both women opted for chemotherapy and additional preventative surgery to lower their future risk.  Doctors encouraged Elaine to think about having children since a hysterectomy by age 36 was recommended to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer.  Elaine was grateful and relieved to gave birth to two healthy daughters, one in 2002 and a second daughter in 2005.   During a routine doctor visit after the birth of her second child, a nodule was was found on her neck, which turned out to be thyroid cancer.  More surgery and treatment followed.  

Happy to have the two cancer episodes behind her, Elaine started her own business consulting firm, Diventa Consulting, where she helps clients define winning business strategies, enter new markets and improve marketing efforts.  In addition to helping business clients, Elaine has also provided support and advice to numerous women grappling with cancer diagnoses and treatment. While helping a newly diagnosed friend, Elaine uncovered another tumor that again turned out to be breast cancer.  It was during this third diagnoses that she found FORCE.  

Today, Elaine is excited to help FORCE bring its community and empowerment to women facing the complex issues of hereditary cancer.  

Elaine has a B.S. In Industrial Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh, an MBA from The American University, and resides in Washington, DC with her husband and two daughters.