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Torie H, Knoxville, TN



Age: 44

I am 44 BRCA2+ and had PO about 5 years ago and BPM with DIEP flap reconstruction about 3 years ago. Best decision ever! I have 3 girls. Enough said.

I'm more than my risk… some fun facts about myself:

Favorite book / authors:
The Red Tent

Favorite Quote:
Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you

Favorite Song:
Too many to name. It's based on the mood.

Favorite Superhero:

Other favorites?
I love my family, I have 3 beautiful daughters (14, 12 & 9). I have a wonderful, supportive husband of 18 years. My sister and my Dad are always there for me no matter what! I love art and daydreaming. I am looking forward to watching my children do the things that my mother never got to experience with me, like college graduation, my first job, marriage, the birth of the children, too many Christmases to count, sharing a good bottle of wine, shopping, exciting trips to exotic places, crying at the movie theatre together. The list goes on and on. So many years of not sharing with my mother. So sad...


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My journey

My mother, maternal grandmother, maternal aunt and first cousin all died of breast cancer. I knew before I even knew of genetic testing that I would have a prophylactic mastectomy. I want to be around for my girls and their children. My mother died when I was 17 and had already battled it for 4 years. I did not want that to be my path or my girls path.
Now my battle is for better choices for my girls. I hope that one day they will say that my choice was barbaric.

The hardest part of my journey

People not understanding what I have done and why. Some think that I simply had a boob job. That is very frustrating. Also, initially, I did not feel like I was part of a group. That has changed in a very short period of time. Sometimes it is hard to not be a "survivor". It is difficult to be a pre-vivor. But I am glad I am.

If I could do it over again

I would not change a thing! Still scared sometimes, but nothing like the fear that circled me constantly before the surgery.

My participation with FORCE

I feel like I am not alone and that there are people out there that know exactly where I am coming from. I can always find someone to chat with.

Other thoughts

I am more than willing to share my experiences with anyone that has questions or concerns. We all need a catalyst to make that first step. I am here to inform and support not judge.


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