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Christine Thompson, Ashland, Ohio


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Age: 44


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My journey

I found out in March of 2013 that I am BRCA2 positive. I was tested, becuase my aunt had breast cancer and is ending her treatments. My dad was just diagnosed with breast cancer in February of 2013. My aunt and my dad both were tested and both are BRCA2 positive. So I knew I should get tested also and was positive as well.
I am in the process of meeting with doctors and surgeons to find out all the information I can to aid me in my decision.
I have a great OBGYN who refered me to a wonderful genetic counselor in Akron, Ohio. They were my first step and helped inform me so much!
I will have a very complicated road ahead, but after watching my dad go thru what he has so far, with chemo I do not think the choice will be too hard to make.


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