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Pamela Hilliard, Greenville, South Carolina



Age: 31

I am a previvor and undergoing surveillance.

I'm more than my risk… some fun facts about myself:

Favorite book / authors:
Kite Runner

Favorite TV / Movies:
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Favorite Song:
Fade Into You-Mazzy Star

Favorite Superhero:
Strawberry Shortcake

Other favorites?
BOOKS,Plants,documentaries,colors,fashion,knowledge,fresh air,dancing,laughing,individuality,creativity


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My journey

I am 31, unmarried with no kids. My mom had breast cancer at the age of 24 and found out about her BRCA 2 results over a year ago. I tested shortly after and found out that I also have the same mutation. My uncle (my mom's brother) also had breast cancer. My great grandmother and great aunt had breast cancer as well.

For me at this state in my life I am still exploring what all life has to offer me, and I feel that surveillance,education, and awareness are my key focus at this point.

The hardest part of my journey

Needing to make life altering decisions in the span of what seems a few months or even for that matter a year....having children? breast feeding? surveillance during pregnancy? Becoming aware of various surgeries/procedures and their pros and cons. It can be overwhelming and sometimes I feel like the reality show known as my life needs to be rescripted/recast. I want to be as educated as I can to make the most informed decisions that personify what is most important about the uniqueness of me!

If I could do it over again

Every day is new and different, as long as I am evolving and becoming more enlightened, a different way of being us unheard of.

Other thoughts

I love my story that is evolving daily!


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