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Ashkenazi Jewish People and Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer

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Ashkenazi (Eastern European) Jewish people have a higher incidence of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer than any other ethnic group.


“Thank you for sharing this important information! My family is small and my BRCA mutation came from my dad, so there wasn’t much cancer in my family. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my 30s and read about BRCA mutations in Jewish people, I decided to pursue genetic counseling and testing.”

A FORCE member

Consider These Important Facts
  • BRCA mutations, the gene changes that cause hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, are found in about 2.5% (one in forty) of Jewish people.
  • About 40% of Jewish women with ovarian/fallopian tube cancer and 20% who have premenopausal breast cancer have a BRCA mutation.
  • The majority of BRCA mutations in Jewish people occur in one of three sites along the genes. Genetic testing usually begins with a “Multisite 3” panel which looks for these common mutations and is less expensive than full BRCA testing.
  • BRCA mutations are associated with other cancers.  Gather your entire family cancer history and speak with a genetics expert about whether the cancers might be hereditary. Cancers related to BRCA mutations include:
    » Breast
    » Ovarian, fallopian tube, and primary peritoneal
    » Pancreatic
    » Melanoma
    » Prostate
    » Male breast cancer
  • People who test positive for a BRCA mutation have options to lower the risk for cancer or detect it at an earlier, more treatable stage.
  • Fanconi Anemia is a rare inherited disorder that can affect children who inherit two BRCA2 gene mutations, one from each parent. If both parents have a BRCA 2 mutation, their children are at risk for this disease. This is more likely when both of the parents are of Jewish descent.
The Importance of Genetic Counseling

Genetic testing for BRCA is done on a blood sample or cheek swab. The test itself is simple, but it’s not always straight forward. Consulting with an expert in cancer genetics like a genetic counselor or geneticist is the best way to assure that the correct test is ordered and the results are properly interpreted.

Genetic counseling is covered by most types of insurance. To find a genetic counselor in your area, visit National Society of Genetic Counselors or Informed Medical Decisions.

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